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Solar Panel Farm8


Grid-Tied System

This system for electricity generation without batteries, it is connected with the national grid by Net-Metering protocol. The best solution for reducing the electricity bills for Industrial and Commercial sectors and for Homeowners.

Off-Grid System

Off-grid system, requires battery storage, is usually only needed in more remote areas that are far from any electricity grid.


Solar Heaters

Egyptian Solar produces the solar heaters with the latest technological and scientific systems with high efficiency for 24 hours demand for Domestic, industrial, and medical needs, and also for Hotels, villages, resorts, sport clubs and pools with different volumes.

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Solar Pumping System

This system is about pumping and storing water by solar energy, as long the sun shines as the water being supplied for irrigation.


Solar Lighting System

We provide supplying & and installation for solar lighting system with its different types.

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