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Solar Panels


We are leading Company with Extensive experience

Egyptian Solar founded since 1989, first began with solar water heating systems for all domestic and industrial applications. we have the privilege of manufacturing solar heaters ,with the latest technological and scientific systems with high efficiency , have been tested at the laboratories of (Egypt New & Renewable Energy Authority "NREA") under the supervision of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, and it got the certificates of testing and validity, with a solar factor of 98%. 

SWH200 Greece.jpg
200 kWp On-grid PV system at Petrobel, AbuRedis, South Sinai.jpg

Egyptian Solar is certified Company that take charge over Photovoltaic(PV) power solar systems from surveying the site, Feasibility study, design and installation to the system operation and maintenance since 2011. 

Egyptian Solar is a nationwide, our projects reached all over the country in a different sectors; Governmental and non-profit organization, industrial, agricultural, and residential sectors.

Egyptian Solar also assembles Ventilation Systems using industrial Fans, Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units.

Egyptian Solar with its sister company Egyptian Ventilation System Company are The Sole Agent In Egypt for Rosenberg Air Movement Group of Germany and Ecofit of France.

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